Enjoy All Day Sunshine with Fronius

Charging technology pioneers Fronius have led the solar power industry for decades. Now, with the release of the Fronius Solar Battery, they have successfully incorporated their revolutionary charging technology into their Hybrid inverters and realised their vision of ‘24 hours of Sun’. This has enabled them to combine LiFePO4 storage units with their award-winning hybrid inverter technology and offer homeowners one of the most advanced integrated inverter and storage packages available.

Hybrid – The Benefits of Both Systems in the One Solar Solution

As Hybrid inverters are technically AC and DC coupled, homeowners receive the benefits of both storage systems rolled into in the one solar solution. One of the most notable advantages of DC coupled storage is that it enables the storage of excess power before it’s converted into AC for your home to use. This is an efficiency gain achieved by preventing unnecessary conversions, however, DC Coupled Storage can’t draw grid energy to store in batteries or provide power in a grid outage like AC coupled storage can. As Hybrid technology is technically both AC and DC coupled, it delivers the benefits of both.

Fronius – The World’s Best Hybrid Inverters

While other inverter manufacturers are still releasing AC and DC coupled inverters, Fronius has targeted the hybrid inverter market with astonishing success, releasing a premium hybrid solar inverter that’s light years ahead of the competition. And with the introduction of added features, such as complete system monitoring and multi-flow technology, Fronius’ Hybrid inverters bring the future of solar power to Australian homes today.

A Quantum Leap in Home Energy Capabilities

Few products on the market boast the technical advantages that Fronius can claim to with its Hybrid inverter technology that’s paving the path to complete home energy independence. Built on LiFePO4 technology, the Fronius Solar Battery delivers a wealth of benefits, including higher power density, longer life and greater usage.

Combining 8000 cycles at 80% DoD (enabling two complete cycles per day) with high power density, your solar power system is able to deliver more battery power to your household devices simultaneously. And as it’s configurable in 1.5kWh blocks, from 4.5kWh to 12kWh, the Fronius Solar Battery is available in the perfect size for every Australian household.