Battery Storage Delivers More than Power Saving Benefits

Battery storage delivers a wide range of benefits. By storing excess power produced during the day for use in the evenings you stand to enjoy greater savings than selling the excess back to the grid. What’s more, you can also manipulate time of use tariffs (TOU) to purchase power at off-peak rates and use that power during peak periods to enjoy further savings, in addition to configuring your storage system to provide power during a grid outage.

At Solar Hot Water Repairs Perth, we supply a wide range of Hybrid inverter, AC Coupled and DC Coupled battery storage solutions and can help you select the right system for your needs.


Our Energy Storage Solutions

Hybrid Inverters

Purpose built for batteries and solar, hybrid inverters are technically DC and AC coupled storage systems, so homeowners get the benefits of each system in the one storage solution. This storage system is capable of storing power in the battery before converting it to AC, which prevents unnecessary conversions, and as it’s also AC coupled, it allows for features such as battery backup to be incorporated into the system. Another advantage to having a Hybrid inverter is that both solar and storage systems can be monitored from the one unit, making it an excellent choice for homeowners looking to incorporate their solar and storage systems.

AC Coupled Storage

While AC coupled storage isn’t capable of storing energy as cost-effectively or as efficiently as DC coupled storage, it offers a number of significant advantages. An AC coupled system can be configured for battery backup and store the excess power produced during the day for use at night, it can draw power from the grid, empowering homeowners to purchase power at off-peak rates, and as they work independently of other power systems, including solar, they can be retrofitted to any system. The main drawback to AC coupled systems is the price, but they are a reliable, proven technology, which is why they are the most common type of storage system available.

DC Coupled Storage

DC coupled storage systems are cost-effective, efficient and are usually easily retrofitted into an existing system between the inverter and the solar panels. This system works by redirecting the excess power produced to the batteries which is converted into AC and then released into the inverter when the system consumes more power than it produces. While it prevents unnecessary conversions, the drawbacks to this configuration are that you’re unable to draw and store power from the grid to be used later on and it can’t provide power during a grid outage.