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Guaranteed quality Solar Panels/Inverters repairs & installs.

Solar Repairs, Perth’s Solar Repairs company, with over 25 years industry experience, has technicians with combined over 30 years of experience and credibility in Solar Panels/Inverters repairs and installations. Not only that we work with all major, reliable, and Australian accredited brands in the market to deliver outstanding Solar Panels/Inverters, that are tailored to meet your household/office need. Trust on technicians who can fix Solar Panels/Inverters to also install them!

Solar Repairs Perth is your trusted solar power installer.

From repairs, maintenance and installations of Solar Panels and Inverters, Solar Repairs Perth is your trusted solar service provider. We can provide you with free and unbiased consultation over the phone to clarify all your doubts in regards solar panels and inverters brands available in the market.
If you need to install a new Solar Power system, our technicians can visit your site and recommend the best KW solar power system to meet your household/office needs so you only pay for what you need!

Emergency Repairs & Replacements

When things go wrong, we are always ready to help. Our service is our responsibility, and our emergency repairs enable you to feel safe and secure whenever there are any issues with your solar panels. We are proud of our work as we are the expert in solar. As the sun always shines, our solar panels always work.

Not sure if the Solar Panels on your roof are working?

Solar Repairs, Perth’s Solar Repairs company, can offer PV tests to provide you with a quick and reliable diagnosis of your solar panels and inverters’ performance. So, you know exactly what is happening with your Solar PV system and can make an informed decision by yourself. Talk to one of our senior technicians to inquiry about our PV test package and fees involved.

Do you know that Solar Panels require maintenance?

Sometimes your Solar panels are not functioning well due to a need of maintenance and Solar Repairs can also provide you with a maintenance package option. Talk to one of our senior technicians today to understand what it is included in our maintenance package and fees involved

Outstanding, high-end Solar PV systems with peace of mind installs at
competitive price

Some of the brands we work with

If the Solar Panels/Inverter brands you want are not listed here, talk to our technicians, they will help you to find the solar solution you need!

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