Solar Repairs Morley WA 6062

Morley WA 6062

Affordable Solar Repairs in Morley

You’ve spent a lot of money installing solar panels, heat pumps and the requisite plumbing. How do you make the most of this investment and make sure that the solar systems last as long as possible? It’s simple, some regular maintenance and small solar repairs will keep the system working a lot longer.

And, if you are in Morley, Perth, there is no one better to perform that maintenance for you than us. We’re not boasting – we don’t have – it’s a simple fact. We are the best for several reasons:

  • We only employ fully qualified, licensed and experienced electricians
  • Solar systems are our main focus, not just a profitable offshoot
  • We have a comprehensive diagnostic procedure that finds faults that are neither obvious nor common
  • We have been in the game for two decades now
  • Our suppliers are chosen carefully on the basis of the quality of their products
  • We are upfront about our costs, etc. We don’t promise to be the cheapest, but we also won’t leave nasty little surprises in the final bill.

So, whether you need an emergency repair to get the solar hot water flowing again, or full solar installs, we are the company you need to call.

Full Solar Repair Assessment

When you call us out for an assessment, we run our full diagnostic procedure. We never rush this procedure because we know that not all faults are immediately obvious. We want to make sure that we get things right the first time around.

So, while we will spend a bit more time at the premises than our competitors would, it is time well-spent. We want to be able to finish your repairs in one visit to save you on labour charges. That means diagnosing the problem correctly the first time we come around.

Now, we know that you’ll love dealing with us, but we also know that you don’t really want to see us that often. That’s why we use reputable suppliers and highly trained professionals. You won’t need to call us in that often because we deal with the issue properly the first time.

The Benefits of Solar in Morley

One of the top savings tips that we see bandied about is to stop enjoying that expensive morning coffee. What’s the point in working hard if you can’t have your luxuries as well? Our recommendation is to stick with the coffee and install solar power instead.

Okay, we’ll be frank, you’re going to need some dollars in the bank to pay for the systems. It’s not a cheap weekend project. But the savings once everything is up and running are immediate. You’ll be able to slash your energy bill and save that money every month.

That will add a lot more zeros to your retirement funding than cutting out a coffee every day.

Going solar makes sense financially – you get to save on energy costs, your property’s value increases, and you get a pat on the back for using a cleaner energy source.


Give us a call and find out what your options are today.