Solar Repairs Salter Point WA 6152

Salter Point WA 6152

Affordable Solar Repairs in Salter Point

Are you having problems with solar hot water that’s not so hot? Or heat pumps that don’t seem to be doing their job properly? Solar systems their related plumbing are built to last, but there are quite a few things that can go wrong with them.

If you are in Salter Point, Perth, and you need an emergency repair done, get help from the best in the industry – Solar Repairs.

We’ll get a team out to have a look as soon as possible so that you can get things back to normal.

Full Solar Repair Assessment

The first thing that our team will do when they get there is run an end to end check of all the components of the solar installs, from the solar panels to the invertors, etc. We run a very thorough diagnostics procedure to ensure that we find out what the problem really is.

We don’t like to guess what the problem might be, because that means that the repair might not be right the first-time round. Instead, we test the system to see where the issues are. Then when we do repair it, we always hit the nail on the head.

Our solar assessments are not just for when something is not working, though. Many of our clients choose to have us run the check once a year or so. We encourage everyone to do this because it means that potential problems are more likely to be caught before they are major issues.

We also do some basic maintenance at the same time. This means cleaning things up, checking that the voltage output is as high as it should be and replacing parts that are past their sell-by date. By doing this little bit of maintenance, you add years to the useful life of your system overall.

The Benefits of Solar in Salter Point

One of the best things about living in Australia is the gorgeous weather. We get loads of sunshine and blue skies. Both of which are the perfect conditions for using solar-powered electricity. As premier installer in Perth, we can advise you on what kind of benefits you can expect.

But, basically:

  • Expect to save some serious cash. It’s hard to explain how people react when they get their new, reduced electricity bill. We give our clients an idea of what savings to expect, but for most, it isn’t real until they see it in black and white.
  • The savings continue. As thrilling as it is to realize how much you are saving a month, it is nothing next to the realization that the savings are ongoing.
  • You get to boast about saving the world. By installing solar, you are preventing the use of fossil fuels. It might seem like something small, but imagine if one in five people did the same? Saving the planet is not about grand gestures but more about everyone doing their bit every day.

What do you need us to do for you? A thorough assessment of your system or some repairs? Give us a call. Or maybe you want a new system installed? Call us – we are the solar specialists in Perth.